General Event FAQ

GATES OPEN @ 08:00 AM (Approx)

Tickets at the carpark gate are $160 PRE PAID ONLY or buy ticket online for full amount.

Printed or mobile tickets need to be displayed at the gate.

You will receive a wristband and a drink ticket on entry:
  • You will need the wristband on to enter ball at 7:00pm.
  • You will need the drink ticket to obtain drinks at the ball

The Ball has a strict “can for can” policy.
The drink ticket must be presented to obtain your first drink at the Ball. After your first drink you must return an empty can each time you want another drink. If you do not return an empty can you will not receive another drink.


By entering the grounds you agree to be bound by the rules printed on this web site.

  • As a driver of a vehicle entering the Ball area you also agree that you are the person responsible for that vehicle for the entire time it is in the Ball area and that you will not drive or permit that vehicle to be driven at any time in a manner that contravenes the VICTORIAN Traffic Laws.
  • You agree not to enter any unauthorised areas and to obey the directions of Security Personnel and Ball Officials at all times.
  • You Acknowledge that you have been advised that the Ball area is a PUBLIC PLACE and that all Traffic Laws apply to the entire area at all times. If you DAMAGE ANY PROPERTY or CAUSE INJURY TO ANY PERSON you will be held fully RESPONSIBLE AND LIABLE in the eyes of the law.
  • Any COUCHES – Any couches brought to the car park will have to be removed on Sunday.
  • No Food Dye
  • No Circle Work – Hoon Laws will apply
  • No Fire Arms / Fire Works / Bullets
  • No Glass, no bottles
  • No Dogs or other pets
  • Camp Fires are only permitted in the fire drums provided and only with fire wood.


Camping on site permitted and encouraged Saturday night only.


Permanent and portable toilets available at the venue and car park.


There will be a large presence throughout the night, and will have the right to refuse entry to the arena.


There will be a police presence at the event and around the surrounding roads on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They will target phones, drink driving, seat belts, drinking on the streets and camping on the streets – so be warned.


The CFA will be on site, any unsuitable fires will be extinguished. Only firewood is permitted to be burnt,  no chemical accelerators (including oil and spirits) are permitted.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

The Longerenong BnS Ball Committee promotes the safe consumption of alcohol and reserves the right of refusal of entry and service of alcohol to intoxicated persons.

Car Park

All cars and items must be removed from the event by Sunday 1:00pm.

Privacy Note and Photography

Please be aware that photography and film taken throughout the event, may be used for promotional purposes.

The Committee, sponsors and land owners hold no responsibility for the damage of property or persons before, during and after the event. Persons should attend at their own risk and the committee has the right to refuse entry.

You will be asked to leave the Ball and Camp site if you do not obey to these rules!


Our Organising Committee


The Longy BnS is organised and run by the Horsham Apex Club 15.

Apex Club | Campground Discounts & Rebate

With your participation at the Ball you are helping to raise funds for our community. Check out our Facebook page to see what we have achieved with your help!

The APEX Clubs of Australia are registered Charities.